About Dylan McKerchie’s Dylan Talks Tone

Hello folks, Muirén here. For the past month, I have been following the Dylan Talks Tone vlog, and gotta tell ya, I really appreciate the no bullshit, matter of fact delivery of straight tech talk.

The author and presenter of Dylan Talks Tone is one Dylan McKerchie, and his blog states he has been a musician and sound engineer for almost three decades. After many years of buying and using gear, he decided that it was time to change the approach to pickup selection.

“I think sellers of gear ask the wrong questions,” Dylan says, “the question shouldn’t be, ‘Who do you want to sound like?’ The question should be, ‘what can I do to help you sound like YOU?’

Anyway, I highly recommend you check out Dylan’s adventures and his work. You will certainly learn how guitar tone is created in concert with your rig, and get some solid ideas for helping achieve your tonal goals.

Here are the obligatory links so you can discover for yourself Dylan’s Blog, Vlog, Guitar Tech Insider Discussion, and of course the Online Store

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